Sanford Mill testimonials

U.S. Senator Angus King:

“This project is an outstanding testament to all that can be achieved when local, state, and federal officials work collaboratively with private entities on behalf of our communities.  With beautiful new housing units and exceptional commercial office and retail space, this fully redeveloped mill complex will not only help to breathe new life into downtown Sanford and be an economic boon to the region, but it will also serve as a blueprint for successful economic innovation that can be repeated across the state. I applaud all who were involved in this project, particularly the Town of Sanford and Northland Enterprises, who’ve brought a new quality of life to the area.”


U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree:

“This is a great example of how federal investment can help clean up a Brownfields site and turn what was an environmental liability into an economic asset that can be used to develop new business and create new jobs in the region.”


U.S. Senator Susan Collins:

“The Sanford Mill restoration is a testament to Northland’s commitment to expand the local workforce and deliver affordable options for renters of different income levels. By anchoring Sanford’s future growth area, the mill will provide opportunities for more economic activity in the years ahead. I commend your ability to serve Maine’s communities in such a positive way. Our state has benefited from your measured and thoughtful leadership. We are so fortunate that many others have also worked hard to help make this project a great success.”

Governor Paul LePage:

“I commend all of those who had the vision to invest in an historic building that was so important to Maine’s manufacturing heritage and transform it into a modern complex offering housing, commercial and retail space. This project is an example of what can happen when government assists the private sector, rather than impedes it. The Sanford Mill shows how economic redevelopment can create jobs, reward innovation and revitalize a downtown.”

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner George Gervais:

“An iconic structure in downtown Sanford has been given new life; meaning new jobs and new investment for the region. This project is a perfect example of the public sector moving at the speed of business to identify and help secure much needed funds to partner with a private sector development.”


Former Sanford Mayor Maura Herlihy:

“The Sanford Mill is a true testament to the role a successful private-public partnership can play in the future economic prosperity of our community, our State and our Country.”


Sanford News:

“What a difference a few years can make when visionaries and doers work together to make things happen.  Six or seven years ago, the Sanford Mill at 61 Washington Street was an old, decrepit and forgotten building filled with hazards and waste… The mill, an eyesore and a symbol of a bygone era, seemed doomed.  Today, everything is changed for the better. The Sanford Mill, all 66,500 square feet of it, is a vibrant mixed-use facility with businesses on the first floor… and spacious and cozy apartments on the second and third. According to Josh Benthien, a partner of Northland Enterprises, the Portland firm that helmed the mill’s revitalization, 30 of the facility’s 36 apartments already have been leased.” – “A Mill and a Milestone City celebrates the grand opening of the Sanford Mill” by Sean Sullivan