Century Plaza – Marginal Way

dsc_2625-2One of Portland’s most iconic businesses, Century Tire, closed in 2014 after almost 90 years in business. It was located at 45 Marginal Way, and after the closing of that business, the resulting lack of activity in that area left the unfortunate impression that this part of Portland had seen better days.

Northland invested in the area, buying the Century Tire property, 1 Marginal Way, 200 Kennebec Street and 202 Kennebec Street. The goal was to revitalize the neighborhood, beginning with the opening of “Century Plaza” in the Spring of 2016. The anchor tenants in this project were Chipotle and a T-Mobile retail store. Discussions with the city’s planning department were complex and time-consuming, particularly in regard to parking, but ultimately Northland arrived at successful solutions. Northland made many improvements to the site, including continuatin of the Bayside lighting plan and an extension of the city’s walking/running trail in that part of town.

commercial real estate, Portland, MaineWith 1 Marginal Way and 45 Marginal way redeveloped and modernized, Northland has now shifted its focus to 200 and 202 Kennebec Street. Finding the highest and best use for these two properties will put the finishing touches on Northland’s contribution to the overall improvement of Portland’s Bayside neighborhood.

In April of 2016, Northland partner Josh Benthien issued a video report to the community on the progress of this project. CLICK HERE if you’d like to see Josh’s report.