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Since the founding of Northland in 2001, Northland has completed 16 commercial and residential developments. Northland’s development philosophy is to look outside of the box in terms of financing, development and partnerships. This viewpoint has allowed Northland to excel and grow even during the down economy, leading to the acquisition and development of over $31 Million in real estate projects since 2009. We believe in a dynamic partnership between the development team, investors, and tenants, an approach that fosters a strong and productive team.

Historic Rehab

Northland has expertise with large-scale historic rehabilitation projects such as the $11.5 million Sanford Mill and the $4.5 million Baxter Library in Portland, Maine. Since its inception, Northland has completed 3 Historic tax credit projects in Maine as well as multiple historic rehab projects, including The Clapp building, The Grant House and our own headquarters.

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Commercial Properties

Northlands commercial portfolio consists of 8 Properties totaling: 145,000 square feet.

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Residential Properties

Northlands residential portfolio consists of: 7 properties consisting of over 300 residential units.

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