Developer contemplates collaboration with artist community

Northland Enterprises would like to collaborate with artists in Portland, Maine.

Northland Enterprises would like to work with the arts community to build studio spaces at 200 Kennebec Street in Portland’s Bayside

(Portland, Maine) Northland Enterprises, a commercial real estate development company based in Portland, announced today that it is seeking creative ideas for a building it is acquiring and redeveloping at 200 Kennebec Street, in the Bayside section of the city.

“Consider this a call for entries,” said Josh Benthien, a partner in the firm. “We’re not absolutely sure we’ll go this route, but the nature of this building might lend itself very well to studio space for artists and fine crafts people. Before we put pencil to paper, we thought input from the artistic community would be a great place to start.”

Benthien said the property at 200 Kennebec Street is about 2,700 square feet. The space will feature all new construction, and ideally the building would be ready in the fall of this year. The building is next door to Team 1 Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and across the street from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Northland has ample experience developing and managing commercial, residential, and retail properties throughout Portland and across the state of Maine. It has not built artist spaces before, but it has finished several creative renovations, including refurbishing the former Baxter Library in Portland that now serves as offices for the VIA, Portland’s leading creative advertising agency.

“To be completely honest, we don’t know the recognized leaders of Portland’s artist community, but we’d like to hear from them. We’ve had some initial exploratory discussions, and want to learn more about how the real estate market might adapt to the artistic community, rather than the other way around,” Benthien said.

Benthien said anyone willing to advise Northland on how to move the concept forward should contact his colleague Conor Beliveau, via e-mail, at