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Northland Collects Prestigious Award In Chicago

In 2015, the redevelopment of an abandoned mill building in Sanford, Maine won national recognition for Northland, with a Phoenix Award celebrating outstanding execution in cleaning up a former brownfield site and transforming it into a significant community asset.

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Northland Enterprises won a Phoenix Award, along with the City of Sanford, for excellence in brownfield redevelopment.

The awards ceremony was part of the National Brownfields Training Conference, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and attracting government and business leaders throughout the nation. Northland’s work on the Sanford Mill was completed in August of 2013, and redevelopment from the beginning of the project was in close cooperation with city officials.

“In the business of brownfield redevelopment, this is like winning the Oscar,” said Sanford’s city planner, Jim Gulnac. “Northland’s participation far exceeded their huge financial contribution. They were patient and persistent, considering all the bureaucratic red tape, and they were ‘all in’ from the start of the project. This was a great partnership.”

The redevelopment of Sanford Mill took seven years from start to finish, according to Josh Benthien, a partner at Northland Enterprises. Located at 61 Washington Street, Sanford Mill is a mixed-use development that includes both residential units, as well as office and retail space. It’s part of the Sanford Mill Historic District, and is the nearest mill building to the center of the city’s downtown. Benthien said that of the $12 million invested in the project, nearly $11 million went to Maine-based contractors and companies. Benthien and business partner Rex Bell commented on the Sanford Mill project in this YouTube video.